So I Wrote love in the Sky

These images are snapshots in time. Through long exposure photography I was able to capture the words “LOVE” on 5 different continents, 8 different countries and 14 different cities. Creating these images in real time, using a light source as a paint brush, I was able to write love in the sky all around the globe. It was my way to express love’s universal connection to all of us as human beings. It is my goal that these images can serve as a reminder to what I find is most important in all of our lives.

When going through trials and tribulations one often looks to the sky for answers. Over the past couple of years I was looking for answers in my life, the one thing I kept coming back to was love. Despite hate and negative energy coming my way, despite the feeling of being used, misunderstood and underappreciated.

It was love that kept me centered, it was love that allowed me to move past my own thoughts of self doubt. Writing love in the sky allowed me to let the universe know that love would be my weapon of choice, my tool to navigate this life.